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PD User at 2009-04-01 14:30:48 Comment on India'sdrillreport'surprises'Chinesegovt IP: 69.249.33.★
I was surprised to read the news that our government was surprised on India"s drill.
First of all, you should not even trust India to begin with.What makes you think India is close to US and vice versa? It"s China!
Report has it that India is increasingly agitated and threatened by China"s economic wealth, military firepower (although we don"t have decent army which they don"t know),the global attention China gives and gets and our ties with Pak.
Here"s another whisper... that US operatives and military personnel has been in and out of India to help them with terrorism and prepare for "other" scenario.
The validity of these "talks" has yet to be confirmed. But the best weapon is preparation and assuming they are true.
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