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PD User at 2009-01-01 10:37:51   [Reply] IP:125.46.80.★
I just wonder how long the P.R.C. would wait to do everything in its power to stop Taiwan if Taiwan were to fire rockets onto the mainland. Every country has the right to defend itself, and Israel has been more than patient. As well, you must realize that the terrorist Hamas uses women and children to shield them. They have no respect for life, and martyrize death. For proof, just paste this link into your search bar:
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-05 16:41:52 IP:116.49.59.★
Your analogy of China and Taiwan for the Israel-Palestine relationship is interesting, but illogical. Taiwan is part of China regardless which government is in power. As the result of Chinese civil war, the nationalist was defeated by the communists and fled to Taiwan in 1949 which is still under its occupation now. But Israel was a state ceased to exist for 1 or 2 thousand years. The re-establishment of Israel, based on the ancient history about Israel recorded in Bible, was made in Palestinian... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-05 00:48:05 IP:75.45.193.★
Dear Israel supporter,
Taiwan is part of China,taiwanese look,think,live like chinese and viceversa.
White european zionist jews,dont belong in the homelands of Palestinians, dont look like,think,act&behave like Muslims.
Infact, white judeochristain,jewgenital cunning criminal proselytisng crusading colonial thugs&mobs have been the "most violent criminal dangerous terrorists" in the world in all human history.
PD User at 2008-12-29 17:13:44   [Reply] IP:70.130.207.★
You are a terrible writer. Adog could do a better job Be ashamed of yourself. You did not mention that Hamas launched scores of missles at Israel"s population centers randomly and with intent to harm civilians. THAT IS WHAT SPARKED THE ATTACK. yOU ARE A DONKEY.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-06 05:48:11 IP:97.120.103.★
If we define terrorism as violence intended to produce, or highly likely to result in, casualties of non-combatants, then terrorism goes on on all sides of any conflict. But there is a fundamental non-equivalence between violence of the oppressed (like the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto) and the violence of the oppressors (like the Nazis). If a woman is say in a park and a rapist tries to harm her, and say she is armed and shoots, and say the bullet misses the rapist and hits a child on the other sid... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-05 00:54:34 IP:75.45.193.★
WHAT SPARKED "TERRORIST ATTACKS,VIOLENCE,WARS, GENOCIDE&HOLOCAUST" of free and civilized moral majority of humanity,by evil whitey TERRORIST COLONIAL THUGS&MOBS ,over 500 years is UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE, that evil white race ibreeds,MOST DANGEROUS TERRORISTS&GENOCIDAL MANIACS ,illegally in "stolen lands with looted wealth ofrest of free&civilized moral majority of humanity,also acquired thru" CULTURAL GENOCIDE&COLONIAL THUGGERY HOLOCASUT".
Can u eal with this TRUTH,on who SPARKED TERRORIST VIOLENCE... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-31 12:27:45 IP:158.132.12.★
Yes, any attack to innocent human beings is definitely wrong. Both Hamas and the Israeli government should stop the attacks. Then I have a question for everyone to think over. We never hear from Hamas that it is promoting human rights and exporting democracy to other countries. This organization just fights for the right of existence for its people who lived continuously on this piece of land for 2,000 years. All of the sudden, their land was taken away for the re-building of a nation that exist... (More details.)
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