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PD User at 2009-05-14 02:14:56   [Reply] IP:75.25.168.★
Just look at us in California. It a microcosm of what awaits the U.S. The unions run our state. Don"t let this happen the rest of country!
I grew up in SoCal and have seen great neighborhoods turn into Mexico overnight.
There is no stimulation for entreprenuership. Regulation has taken over. The Demo-Union party is at hand.
PD User at 2009-04-15 12:17:38   [Reply] IP:70.231.129.★
we are shippipping pelosi to bejing so she can live with the rest of ther political chronies and government hacks she is worthless
PD User at 2009-03-25 23:52:10   [Reply] IP:67.240.14.★
I was born in the US and still live here...And I agree Pelosi is worthless! There are so many just like her that should be gone!!!!!
We the people can only put up with there S--T!
They have to much money to get them out.
PD User at 2009-03-20 14:48:55   [Reply] IP:75.94.40.★
All "elected" officials in the US are pawns of the big banks and corporations. Including Nancy Pelosi. Democrat and Republican parties are working for the same corrupt Boss.
PD User at 2009-03-13 21:23:02   [Reply] IP:66.215.98.★
Bigotry and hatred is representitive of a small mind. --TD 2009
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-27 21:54:53 IP:221.2.164.★
China is not so bad.
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-25 05:57:10 IP:38.100.16.★
No, no, you"re thinking of China and the CCP
PD User at 2009-03-12 10:27:00   [Reply] IP:69.203.219.★
pelosi"s husband is a jew"s mafia.
PD User at 2009-03-04 12:18:05   [Reply] IP:129.174.74.★
Speaking of George W. Bush:
George W. Bush committed hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism (indicated in my blog).
George W. Bush did in fact commit innumerable hate crimes.
And I do solemnly swear by Almighty God that George W. Bush committed other hate crimes of epic proportions and with the stench of terrorism which I am not at liberty to mention.
Many people know what Bush did.
And many people will know what Bush did—even to the end of the world.
Bush was absolut... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-28 16:04:32 IP:66.215.208.★
Yes! I have been all out shocked by my own political party"s actions during this last campaign season. I do NOT want to forget the shocks and become a lemming - ever. But people do. It"s unbelievable but sadly, tragically true.
PD User at 2009-02-11 09:20:01   [Reply] IP:207.200.116.★
PD User at 2009-01-15 12:01:32   [Reply] IP:97.120.93.★
PD User replied at 2008-05-06 22:51:41 IP:65.29.8.★
Nancy Pelosi is Jewish - that is why she will not ever go after Israel. See a list of all Jewish politicians in America here and see just who moves US policy...
Please, this is not correct and does not help because it helps to neutralize and impeach justifiable criticisms of Pelosi, her policies, ideology, interests and connections. She is Roman Catholic, very wealthy, and someone who came to the Democratic Establishment... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-16 22:22:54 IP:75.36.130.★
The Cranston amendment on aid to Israel makes all US aid grants that never have to be repaid. In other words, US citizens subsidizes Israel"s very existence as a "nation".
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-13 04:45:52 IP:68.39.77.★
wow! what can one write after reading some reactions to her? I do not believe her and Reid should be in thier positions but at same time think they both are much better then having two former republicans in same seats. Weather or not is for against Isreal means nothing. We send Isreal so much money and this will never stop. We also supply them with most everything they use for thier defence and this was going on for at least the last 50 years from what I hae read.
  PD User  replied at  2009-02-20 13:13:09 IP:75.47.193.★
The "uncritical and even sycophantic positions" claim is nonsense; it"s put forth by bigots upset that the US gov"t isn"t anti-Israel the way European governments, eager to earn petrodollars and appease their huge Arab/Muslim populations, are. The claim about American Jews is more anti-Israel propaganda/wishful thinking; the vast majority of Jews support Israel"s defense against the rockets, mortars, and other attacks from Gaza and resumed threats from elsewhere.
The first response disputes the ... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-01-14 22:19:39   [Reply] IP:97.115.106.★
One person wrote:
PD User replied at 2008-04-22 22:39:18 IP:216.220.8.★
Trust me, our indigenous people (The American Indian) are alive and well, even prospering here in the U.S. Many tribes have casinos and other successful businesses, making their income levels far above that of the average American. I would suggest that you research your information and know your facts before claiming such falsities!
Response: I am one of those American Indians (Blackfoot) who has been to China and ... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-15 15:09:13 IP:69.230.208.★
Thank you Blackfoot American Indian for teaching us.
PD User at 2009-01-14 09:33:17   [Reply] IP:97.120.92.★
There is not one monolithic Democratic Party just as there is not one monolithic Repulican Party: both parties represent interlocking--and sometimes opposing--identity-politics-based constituencies. I know this from the inside and from many hours in many smoke-filled backrooms.
Pelosie and her kind represent the aristocracy of the Party who play games of political triangulation to divide and rule. Triangulation means like a triangle, with the apex standing "above" either the "left" or "right" en... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-01-05 09:31:45   [Reply] IP:70.219.27.★
What is Pelosi really up to? That"s easy enough. She is merely drawing attention to herself to increase her popularity or notoriety (either will work for name recognition). The long term purpose of this is to further consolidate her power as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.
The real question that should be asked and answered is: What is her ultimate objective? What does she hope to accomplish with her manuevers? The motivations and emotional questions of "why" she or anyother pol... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-15 15:12:36 IP:69.230.208.★
Nancy Pelosi is an inveterate liar but also an ignoramus. She professes to be a Catholic but is really a fake Catholic.
  PD User  replied at  2009-02-07 12:29:42 IP:24.59.153.★
The way the palestinian people ar4e treated by israel is a combination of apartheid & genocide in an incromental way.
PD User at 2009-01-04 21:26:15   [Reply] IP:70.172.198.★
Several points:
1) The Dalai Lama has no effect on American political economy in any way, shape, or form. You guys treat him like he"s some super-revolutionary who can topple governments at a whim. Western perspective of Dalai Lama- a spiritual leader of a buddhist sect. Chinese perspective- John Galt, V, and Lelouch Lamperouge combined.
2) What is with the anti-semitism around here. The Israelis have never done anything to wrong the Chinese people, so what is the deal with the comments that rea... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-15 15:21:19 IP:69.230.208.★
The bailout is paid for by printing more money. There is not enough gold and silver in Fort Knox to back up all of our currency. When we print more money, the money loses value and we get higher inflation. We used to be able to buy a can of Cambell"s Chicken Noodle Soup for 15 cents in 1971.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-11 12:07:19 IP:221.124.62.★
The Chinese have sympathy for the Jewish people, knowing how they have been treated by Europeans in general, and Hitler"s Germany and Mussolini"s Italy in particular. But it does not mean that the Chinese endorse Israel"s military actions in Gaza that have killed at least 800 people (half of them civilians, and many are children) and wounded 3,000 so far. I am afraid Israel is destroying the sympathy that people in China or the world have for them.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-05 17:09:50 IP:116.49.59.★
In fact, the Chinese have been sympathetic to the Jewish people when they were discriminated and persecuted by Europeans. So the Chinese government granted them visas to take refuge in Shanghai to shelter them from Hitler and Mussolini"s genocide against the Jews.
PD User at 2008-10-06 02:06:53   [Reply] IP:172.190.1.★
congress should be recalled starting with sellout aig stockholder pelosi
PD User at 2008-09-27 08:29:21   [Reply] IP:116.49.40.★
Pelosi is really a politician. In this economic crisis, she has become the major roadblock to Paulson"s bailout plan without proposing a clear but better alternative. She creates obstacles for the sake of opposing any plans proposed by the government. She places party politics in front of the well-being of the economy of the whole country. Does she has the ability to understand how urgent and difficult the economic situation is? Her behavior will put the USA in a disastrous situation as bad as t... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-17 02:53:51 IP:151.151.21.★
Nancy Baloney is just making noises without real efforts in contributing a positive momentum to solve the economic crisis in the US. She has been making noise all over the place but hardly achieved anything. She loves use her position to gain visibilities but have not or very little effects in solving real problems we are facing right now in the US.
  PD User  replied at  2008-10-14 17:54:14 IP:211.30.181.★
Nancy is the most dangerous woman on earth trying to run the US!
  PD User  replied at  2008-10-08 21:07:15 IP:65.11.24.★
believe that Nancy Pelosi Reed Barney Frank Chris Dod They Should all resign they all without a doubt place politics before our country.
  PD User  replied at  2008-09-29 00:10:47 IP:98.110.226.★
Who cares about her political views!
She"s a middle-age hottie!
  PD User  replied at  2008-09-28 11:14:03 IP:74.195.32.★
Mrs. Nancy P. & Harry Reid need to go , they"re bad representative"s of our country , Mrs.Pelosi took off 5 weeks so what she care , over the last 2 years they blame Bush , where they"re @ fault as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PD User at 2008-09-21 10:09:03   [Reply] IP:68.154.205.★
Pelosi"s statements and her behavior indicate she is mentally ill. Many Americans consider her a traitor to thier country. Do not listen or believe anything she says unless you are a fool.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-22 05:27:50 IP:98.214.13.★
Yes, if you "watch" her eyes as you listen to her speak ??? you can see Nancy Pelosi is psychotic.
Make fun of her? No, just get this lady "help."
God help her.
Ross Bunch
PD User at 2008-09-07 07:23:33   [Reply] IP:70.178.76.★
ok guys
enough of blaming dalai lama.
china can be a great power not just with foreign reserves but with compassion. it is time that china matures up to its great role and start talking to dalai lama
PD User at 2008-08-02 06:32:04   [Reply] IP:69.203.219.★
she is corrupt and control by the zionist/jews.
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-03 13:23:41 IP:24.7.28.★
I agree with you. Pelosi (the husband) is Italian-wanna-be, but she (the senator) is a zionist bitch. And I think you have no idea what a zionist is either. Am I right?
  PD User  replied at  2008-09-22 15:03:51 IP:98.233.135.★
she is not jewish you idiot. She"s italian from Baltimore"s Little Italy. You don"t even know what zionism is, you"re probably just another nameless arab.
PD User at 2008-08-01 04:19:56   [Reply] IP:68.12.50.★
Pelosi is the richest person in the senate. A lot of people aren"t aware of that. She"s worth over a 100 Million. She"s are real "primadonna".
  PD User  replied at  2008-10-30 21:02:42 IP:200.104.171.★
Don"t know how much she is worth, but definitely not a member of the Senate.
PD User at 2008-07-22 08:05:05   [Reply] IP:209.33.194.★
The Dalai Lama is known to the U.S. public as a peaceful Buddhist leader
who represents the interest of the Tibetan people through his role in
the "Free Tibet" movement. But to millions of Tibetans, the Dalai Lama
is known as an oppressive feudal leader whose past power came not from
democracy but from "divine" placement instead. Under the Feudal system
of the Dalai Lama, the people of Tibet were serfs and slaves with no
education or healthcare. In contrast, the Tibetan people now have
education... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-04-06 11:27:37 IP:24.148.175.★
Any nation that legitimizes entrance into the womb for the purpose of seizing a developing child, tearing it limb from limb and throwing it in a garbage can or selling it"s tissue to industry cannot expect to prosper and does not deserve to. The womb should be the safest place on earth; yet, it is sometimes a war zone.
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-15 15:32:10 IP:69.230.208.★
I agree with everything you said except that abortion is NOT a "right". It is a WRONG! Technically speaking, no man or woman has ANY rights-- only God has rights.
  PD User  replied at  2008-08-20 14:30:15 IP:24.13.198.★
also spends most on Botox!
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