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PD User at 2012-03-06 12:24:12   IP:173.254.254.★
I am an american, my family has been here for over 200 years . we have fought and died in almost every war/conflict this country has been in.. but how a country treats its weakest members is surely a sign of "who" it is. Human children are the most weak and frail in all of nature and cannot survive without its parents. yet, because of the control of a few, metered out on the people of america, I dont think I have ever heard of or seen what takes place in the "civil" family courts of america espe... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-04-13 21:26:17   IP:122.109.83.★
Lets tell all Chinese living in terrible America to come home to China at once before they are imprisoned!
PD User at 2009-03-24 05:01:01   IP:142.179.230.★
The Chinese are brainwashed by the Chinese media. Aren"t the Americans and Europeans not by their own media? There is a huge gap between the real China and the China perceived by the people in the west. At the end, who will suffer? Only the Chinese, but not those in the west?
PD User at 2009-03-10 16:08:04   IP:158.132.12.★
Those people still trying to play with derogatory terms like "bran-washed" and "government-indoctrinated idiots" etc. have demonstrated to people their ignorance of the reality and about the development of China since the reform initiated 30 years ago. Since then, many Chinese have gotten advanced education abroad, many tourists (10 million annually),students and businessmen from foriegn countries have studied, travelled and lived in China, many overseas Chinese have visited their ancestral home... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-03-09 23:14:17   IP:208.118.168.★
It is fair enough to point out that the US has its own human rights abuses, but the Chinese criticism of human rights conditions goes entirely unnoticed everywhere except China, for a few very important reasons.
Most importantly, Americans themselves are legally allowed and even encouraged to be critical of human rights conditioned in the US. Americans are very aware of racism in the US, and millions have been legally and openly fighting it since the birth of the nation.
In China, who will spea... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-03-08 15:31:08   IP:221.127.181.★
America should not pointing finger to other countries about anything. Take care of their own business first and they are not the best and most righteous people on earth! Look what they have done to the world about this financial tsunami and they were still blaming about others saving too much etc!
Hate those hypocrite and why can"t people accept one and other and live harmony?
PD User at 2009-03-07 15:45:24   IP:116.49.49.★
That is great. See that so many Americans come to defend the human rights records of their own country this time. It means that China has successful gotten under their skin by issuing this report. Bingo!
PD User at 2009-03-05 21:58:15   IP:193.186.8.★
Yuri is right those comments by chinese on this board only shows to the world that they are totally brainwashed
PD User at 2009-03-05 04:20:18   IP:85.18.194.★
...a black man was shot dead by a white policeman...
Well, China carries out between 5,000-10,000 executions every year, right? each with a 9 mm bullet to the back of the head, its cost charged to the family. Difference is, they don"t lie on the ground, they have to kneel on it... Nice going and verr-ee civilized and human habits, my compliments...
PD User at 2009-03-02 15:02:14   IP:158.132.12.★
"china executesd people for bank fraud that is rather barbarian also the defendant is offered no jury trial just a few executioner judges sad" - Definitely this is a false report by the west.
PD User at 2009-03-02 02:33:30   IP:70.231.145.★
china executesd people for bank fraud that is rather barbarian also the defendant is offered no jury trial just a few executioner judges sad
PD User at 2009-02-27 18:41:10   IP:221.124.62.★
Don"t forget Mr. Oscar Grant (a black man) was shot dead by a white policeman early January, 2009 while he was lying on the ground face down. The shooting was fortunately captured as video shown on TV news(or unfortunately as it shows the process of killing an innocent person.) TV news also showed about two weeks ago a group of policemen in Kansas (?) chasing a black man. Even this black man stopped and surrendered, the policemen continued to beat him. Readers should check the news reports of No... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2013-04-01 13:24:53 IP:98.201.130.★
The difference is that if in the United States our government were to issue a report like this about China, we could openly criticize both it and our government.
The United States does have many political, economic and social flaws, and here I can bring attention to them without fear of repercussion.
  PD User  replied at  2011-10-09 17:30:02 IP:86.80.241.★
Great site, great reporting. Keep on going
PD User at 2009-02-27 12:58:30   IP:69.249.33.★
Please spread this findings around the world from Asia to Pacific to Africa to Middle East to Europe to North and Latin America to everywhere. Pay to publish them! Fax them to all news organizations! This is shocking to them as no country has even done this before. They are all scared of USA!
I"m so proud of China!
PD User at 2009-02-27 03:02:19   IP:115.186.113.★
US history is full of worst king of violations of human rights. Starting from genocide of American Indians to occupying their sovereign independent regions, to date American administarators of American Indian affairs have failed to keep a record of their exploitation of their rights and resources. The American Indians are fighting for their rights and claiming hundreds of billions compansation. And what about the issue of the American Africans?
All 16 comments  All 1 pages 1/1
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