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PD User at 2014-10-28 03:23:16   [Reply] IP:50.190.127.★
disgusting.... what's wrong with that girl?!? She looks 20 and he looks like he's 7!
PD User at 2011-12-18 09:25:31   [Reply] IP:112.201.48.★
I think not really the father of the child,
PD User at 2011-12-02 04:08:30   [Reply] IP:181.4.143.★
biology says we"re all wrong. If you live in central african republic you"re 1/4 of the way through life at 13 and a 1/4 through life is when we should have kids; send the teenager to africa?
PD User at 2011-10-06 00:17:10   [Reply] IP:76.79.168.★
The comments are interesting
PD User at 2009-12-21 11:42:59   [Reply] IP:206.251.43.★
i think that is cute
PD User at 2009-09-13 07:41:07   [Reply] IP:68.4.99.★
How does that happen I mean come on! People really need to watch their children! I also herd that the youngest mother in the whole world was five and she lived in peru. The baby died... such pitty. AND she is still alive!!!
PD User at 2009-09-10 23:20:04   [Reply] IP:71.80.67.★
Not so many years ago these things were ignored and spoken about in private. Such drivel is bandied about for the entertainment of shallow and prurient minds. What are you saying; we should hire a guard to watch our children every minute of the day?? You are a bunch of crazies!!!
PD User at 2009-08-13 22:17:57   [Reply] IP:77.220.15.★
it is very sad, shameful and un realistic shame to this lady to implicate the small and innocent 13 year old boy
PD User at 2009-06-18 01:36:47   [Reply] IP:202.188.85.★
owhh my..he totally not the father of the new born baby...
n the girl..owhhh my...i"m speechless..
teenagers nowadays..what we expected...?
  PD User  replied at  2009-08-07 20:18:16 IP:84.70.68.★
He was not even a tenager when it happens adn it"s possible she could be prosecuted under te law for misleading a minor. He was only a child of 12. She was already experienced so it"s rather disgusting for the UK to have this embarressment.
PD User at 2009-06-15 06:40:38   [Reply] IP:71.205.131.★
man..this shit has to be fake!! I"m not buying that this little kid is first 13, but that he fathered a baby with that girl...she"s twice his size!
  PD User  replied at  2009-08-07 20:24:16 IP:84.70.68.★
Yes, he would have been age 12 at the time. She was already an experienced ### on the block and shoul dsoon be prosecuted as he was a minor deviantely mislead by her. Quite sick actually.
PD User at 2009-06-11 14:24:48   [Reply] IP:75.68.85.★
13 is too young for him to be a father. children having
children. they aren"t mature enough to have kids. they need to grow up and finish school, then have kids.
  PD User  replied at  2009-06-14 13:44:10 IP:86.141.229.★
A DNA test was not carried out and it proved that the 13 year old boy was not the father.
PD User at 2009-06-09 15:59:33   [Reply] IP:118.92.122.★
Sorry ,you are very late on this story ,Alfie is not the father ...4 weeks old !
  PD User  replied at  2009-06-11 11:47:36 IP:68.104.158.★
Yep caught dipping his wick again...
PD User at 2009-06-09 15:04:41   [Reply] IP:203.87.176.★
PD User at 2009-06-08 12:10:23   [Reply] IP:202.186.32.★
Nothing unusual, it"s just human nature. So just live with it.
PD User at 2009-06-08 01:43:24   [Reply] IP:79.78.115.★
My God, ppl are still talking bout this..
PD User at 2009-06-07 12:46:18   [Reply] IP:211.66.6.★
My god. So crazy. It seems that the boy is only 9.
PD User at 2009-06-07 04:12:15   [Reply] IP:198.166.24.★
The replies you have aired says it all. Happy Father"s Day in good "ol USA..
PD User at 2009-06-06 14:04:08   [Reply] IP:218.76.140.★
PD User at 2009-06-06 00:00:16   [Reply] IP:70.168.46.★
there are a slew of young teenage mothers between the ages of 12-15. In fact, in many countries, girls are married off by the time they are 11, and have children by the time they are 13.
I think that the sad part with this is that there is less of an outcry for all of the girls who are getting pregnant at this age and who will have to fork the responsibility due to lack of mental, emotional and financial support from the fathers, who very often are at leat three years older than these girls.
... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2011-09-13 09:24:06 IP:75.189.245.★
Great site, great reporting. Keep on going
PD User at 2009-06-03 23:36:51   [Reply] IP:195.189.142.★
Western civilization is the probl and not d little teen boy.
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