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PD User at 2008-10-02 09:51:28   [Reply] IP:212.16.102.★
Lets whole Asia stop doing trade with West. Lets stop giving western europe and Scandanavia, oil, gas, food, clothes, and lets make everything ourself what they sell to us. Let them deal and trade only with each other.
Is it possible?
PD User at 2008-07-15 08:02:53   [Reply] IP:67.191.61.★
hey are you allowed to vote for your president? Can you criticize openly the governement? can you travel freely throughout the world? NO!
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-30 15:42:57 IP:158.132.12.★
Indians vote for their PM,the Chinese in the province of Taiwan vote for their "president", and the people in the Phillipines also do the same. Don"t forget people in Thailand. But what happened or have been happening in these places? Good government? Good living standards enjoyed by the people? Social stability? Ah, Americans picked President Bush 8 years ago. Then what? Disasters to the USA,and Iraq!
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-05 10:32:47 IP:147.9.232.★
Your argument is irrelevant. You are a prisoner.
  PD User  replied at  2008-07-16 11:17:31 IP:158.132.12.★
God damned you! Each country is in different stages of development in its own ways. Your country has gone through its development earlier since industrial revolution. But the achievement of emphasizing human rights and democracy has only been made mostly in recent decades. But you still have your own problems inside your own country. Definitely, many countries while trying to treat its own citizens better, but are still quite cruel with others in foreign countries. Look at what is happening to I... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-07-02 21:39:16   [Reply] IP:116.49.56.★
To: French government
Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife are not welcome in China. Please do not come to Beijing for the Olympic Games. In fact, whether you join the opening ceremony or not is not important at all. You have everything to lose, but we do not. If you want to gain politically by capitalizing on the Tibet issues and the Olympic Games, you will get yourself humuliated. The world has seen how low and immoral you are. Just remember you are not welcome by the Chinese people.
PD User at 2008-06-26 11:43:04   [Reply] IP:158.132.12.★
The first lady of France seemed very excited that the Olympics torch relay was interrupted in Paris. She told reporters a few days ago in an interview that the torch runners were like clowns and it was so funny. She has expressed no sympathy for the lady torch runner on wheelchair. That is French humanitarianism when the object of harrassment is Chinese. There is no doubt in my mind by now that some French people do not like the Chinese people. I really do not understand why they hate the Chines... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-28 14:20:26 IP:116.49.57.★
She is nasty. What she said disgraces France and the French people, but not China. It has destroyed the image of France and degraded it to be one of the barbaric states, from previously mistunderstood French civility. Paris tour? Forget it!
PD User at 2008-06-20 15:37:27   [Reply] IP:210.5.145.★
and what about everything that happen in London and san fransisco?? noone talk about that, why?? check the news you will see that it was the same there!! in San fransisco they even cancelled the ceremony of the end of the relay...So please stop blaming france because it has happened in many countries!! And Mr Sarkozy will be at the opening ceremony because he asked for the chinese governement to start talk again and the gov of the PRC did it...however, Mr Brown from england and Mrs Merkel from G... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2011-09-07 20:36:18 IP:87.105.187.★
Great site, great reporting. Keep on going
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-20 18:19:32 IP:158.132.12.★
Who cares whether they come or not? Very early on, Mr. Bush, Mr. Putin,Mr. Rudd and many brilliant leaders of different countries have vowed to come to participate and to motivate their athletes. Now even the Japanese PM wants to come to the opening ceremony. The French and German PMs have made a fool of themselves and are now in an embarrassing situation. To come, it is a loss of face, and if they do not come, they are isolated from the other world leaders. An embarrassed situation totally cre... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-06-12 16:04:26   [Reply] IP:205.228.104.★
What kind of nonsense is that? How can anyone take you seriously when you spout crap like French are backstabbers / f***ts. Idiot.
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-15 12:34:52 IP:116.49.52.★
To: 205.228.104. I can imagine what kind of Frenchman you are, based on your message. While I believe there are many ladies and gentlemen in France, despite the inadequate behaviors of a few, some are just like you spitting out rude, disrespectful, and subjective words. By allowing people like you to air your voices, People"s Daily is showing that it is getting more more open and begins to recognise the freedom of speech, and the differences of perspectives the readerships may possess. I hope ... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-06-06 21:17:08   [Reply] IP:116.49.53.★
A few stupid people have done some stupid things in Paris to destroy the peaceful relationships between the people of both countries, and hurt the reputation, and tourism of France. Some politicians also expected to gain from the anti-China activities. Is it worth it?
PD User at 2008-06-06 16:54:04   [Reply] IP:158.132.12.★
French newspapers began recently to protest the cancelation of tour services to France by the Beijin Muncipal Government, and they are unhappy. Some of the French netizens also said that the city"s decision caused concerns among the Chinese people in Beijing and if they want to go to France they can by-pass the restrictions by signing up trips to France in other big cities like Shanghai. But they miss the main point here. No matter whether it is a revenge by the city government of Beijing, the C... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-09 00:09:28 IP:76.175.77.★
I have to be honest with you, I have no intention of visiting Paris again. I have been there once too many. These people are as fake as "a lake trying to be an ocean". Oh..la..la...
PD User at 2008-06-05 09:30:17   [Reply] IP:71.197.118.★
As an American, France has always been very difficult to understand. Sometimes they are your friends, often they act against you. It"s why British & Americans often make jokes about France: we just can"t understand them very well or their behavior. Yet they are our ally so we just deal with it. Hopefully, China will come to the same conclusion. Not every nation is going to behave they way we"d like them to.
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-05 13:31:31 IP:158.132.12.★
Probably true! What is the reason behind their recent behaviors?
PD User at 2008-06-03 22:14:52   [Reply] IP:116.49.67.★
Because of what it did recently, I have become disillusioned with France. I have to admit that I admired France, and especially Paris for a long time as I grew up. But this feeling about France only belongs to the past. I have originally planned (a few months ago) to take my family to Paris this summer. I guess I have to change the plan.
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-04 14:02:25 IP:158.132.12.★
It is hard to ignore what has happened in Paris recently if you are a Chinese. It may take quite a few years to forget the unpleasant incidents.
PD User at 2008-05-31 09:24:29   [Reply] IP:76.113.141.★
I am a U.S. citizen and honestly I think that there is a lot of superficiality surrounding the Westerners who flock to support the Dalai. I am not commenting on Buddhists in Asian countries, but rather the more fashionable converts. I think these people fail to fully understand the situation and because many of them are rich and powerful, it is easy for them to get a lot of press time. Unfortunately, the United States culture often gives more attention to those who behave foolishly and say thin... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-06-03 15:58:32 IP:116.49.51.★
That is what it should be. The Chinese are curious about the world, and are not anti-American, and anti-European at all. But who have stirred up all these troubles recently? I believe that China and the Chinese have the right to shoot back and defend themselves against false accusations, or simply misinterpretation of our history and facts.
PD User at 2008-05-30 23:54:11   [Reply] IP:116.49.66.★
Some people try to legitimise the acts of biased reporting by blaming it on the lack of information. However, if you look around there is plenty of information and statistics released in Chinese. You just have to search for it and get a good translator. This is not just a result of lack of information. How do you explain that some of the media in West frabricated pictures from parts of old pictures taken many years ago. Is this acceptable in journalism taught in school of journalism in the west.... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-05-24 09:43:06   [Reply] IP:122.107.220.★
If the world religion leader honest, He,She should known and attack,disagree or did some things of the unjust known and unknown by common people,Why dalai wouldn"t say anythink about Iraq,Panama,all african,Asian and Latin,He still had a mark of Monggoloid ancester, or He was born in Oslo under American midwife and your mother must be Tony and Blair and your grandfater was John Howard and been Christening by Queen elizabeth, what a hillarius matters.What ashame of Your oppression,I really wonde... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-05-20 07:46:16   [Reply] IP:67.160.55.★
As an American living in Seattle I am annoyed and embarrased by the foolishness of some of my fellow citizens who have jumped on the bandwagon of Dalai Lamaism. They know not what they are talking about. They cannot find Tibet on a map. Isn"t it easy to point fingers at China and make them the big bad empire. As Americans we should protest our far more violent occupation of Iraq. After some study of my own I realized that the Dalai Lama is not a man of peace but one of our generations great... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-28 12:48:26 IP:59.41.66.★
Hi - you leave no way of contacting you - but reading your comments, i couldnt agree with you more.
Your brief introduction on your Mongolian ancestry, explains a little. I am currently living in China, i have been here for 12 months, working for, lol, an American PR agency. I am half Chinese, half English, and i have never been more ashamed to be western as i was when the news about the coverage of Tibet was happening.
With the industry i am in, i learn about the media from China, it is still... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-05-19 09:52:54   [Reply] IP:71.197.118.★
The Olympics should not be used for political purposes. It is meant to bring unity and harmony to nations by using young people and athletics to generate excitement and competition with a spirit of good will towards fellow nations. We must not let the narrow minds of a few interfere with the Olympics. If anything, these protestors that we have seen damage their cause, in my opinion. Protest should be conducted in the right place, at the right time, and with the right attitude and respect. T... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-21 13:53:48 IP:58.248.7.★
I definitely agree with your comment. On the other side, protesters are not allowed to protest at all... so where should they go? The right place for protesting is most of the times not open for that sort of purpose.
PD User at 2008-05-17 05:44:43   [Reply] IP:58.153.84.★
The western media love to describe the riot in Tibet as a peaceful demonstration, and called the separatist movement under Dalai Lama and his group using the labels of "Tibet" and "Tibet supporters" versus "China" and "China supporters" when they refer to the Chinese government, the Chinese people, and people of Chinese descent living overseas (Hua Chiao). But we must ask politicians and journalists in the west whether they know how many people in the Tibet (Xi Zang) Autonomous Region and other ... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-30 23:47:17 IP:116.49.66.★
I agree. Using the terms "Tibet", "Tibetans" versus "China" and "Chinese" do not conform to the facts that China has been a country formed of multiple ethnic groups since many thousand years ago. The gradual evolution and assimilation of these ethnic groups over centuries have led to the modern China you know today. The Han group is supposed to be the largest and has 1.2 people. But who are they? I can tell you there is no pure-blooded Han people in the world. All of us are gentically mixed. Ov... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-05-08 09:06:11   [Reply] IP:66.138.38.★
Yes the Western press has been biased in reporting regarding Tibet. However with the lack for free press in China and the way they close out the rest of the world"s media it is difficult to trust or believe the reports that they make on themselves. I do however believe that the Olympics should be considered a sacred institution free from politics. The unwarranted protests of the torch relays were a disgrace to the countries who allowed them to go on.
Politics has nothing to do with the Olympics.... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-04-30 12:24:55   [Reply] IP:66.171.235.★
Western media bias against China???
Chinese press has been bashing "hegemonic" "imperialist" nations for quite some time. The TV series, "Beijing Man in New York" was awful and so full of poor of racial language, and showed every negative thing that could ever happen.
When I travel around China and people find out I am American, they usually ask me, "How many handguns do I own?". The answer: zero. Not everyone in America owns a handgun and goes around shooting and killing people.
China...don... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-09-05 20:18:38 IP:116.49.41.★
Long Live American Hegemony and Imperialism!
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-24 12:00:53 IP:218.30.107.★
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-17 08:25:07 IP:58.153.84.★
You are a bigot!
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-17 07:52:44 IP:58.153.84.★
What you say about the Chinese media belong to the past (the cold war era). The is nothing to gain nowadays to repeat the propaganda of the old days. Today, the Chinese media would not use harsh words about any Western governments. Don"t you know that the Chinese government and the people try very hard to learn from the west too. The government has sent many students all over the world. The government and the Chinese people are not anti-western at all. Traditionally, there is no hatred among th... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-06 00:26:49 IP:88.131.58.★
As a frequent American traveller to China, I greatly admire the progress the country has made. What the Chinese need to realize is that, as they become more successful, more is expected of them. Westerners want to see China respect human rights like any other advanced country. China will be respected as an equal when it has the self-confidence to listen to criticism rather than staging massive, defensive demonstrations. You don"t see Americans demonstrating when People"s Daily depicts our countr... (More details.)
PD User at 2008-04-30 07:39:41   [Reply] IP:90.21.156.★
Paris should be banned for life from Olympic bidding.
Paris can not handle a simple event like torch relay so what about a whole olympic game ?????
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-11 20:04:29 IP:59.50.225.★
please check the name of Pierre de Coubertin.
This is the french guy re-open the olympic games in the new century.
So need Paris and French for olympic games !
PD User at 2008-04-28 02:15:26   [Reply] IP:202.156.10.★
I am an overseas Chinese and a citizen of Singapore.I suggest that Chinese all over the world should teach the French and Germans a lesson.Let"s boycott Fench and german goods and boycott Cnn.Let"s us all Chinese from all over the world unite .Let us show the world how united we are and teach these media liars like CNN a lesson
  PD User  replied at  2008-09-03 14:14:40 IP:58.153.84.★
Some French people want to ban Chinese goods? Ask Sarkozy if he has the guts to do it, or he prefers to wiggle his tail towards Beijing. No guts and no balls.
  PD User  replied at  2008-05-14 05:19:49 IP:81.108.170.★
I find what you say about media liars very funny considering you come from a country that lives on lying to it"s people via it"s media. You talk about banning French and German goods, well my friend maybe we should all start banning Chinese goods. Open your mind, travel a little more and don"t listen to any more propaganda.
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