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PD User at 2011-11-11 06:56:26   [Reply] IP:109.73.78.★
Good report, please keep going on.
PD User at 2011-10-14 05:23:21   [Reply] IP:125.214.43.★
Good report, please keep going on.
PD User at 2010-02-04 01:38:50   [Reply] IP:195.229.241.★
Chinese are like babies !
ha ha ha blackmailers if they dont get candy they will start crying :-)
PD User at 2009-04-06 05:20:46   [Reply] IP:149.254.217.★
thinks china needs to make sure its internet is closed to wester minds.
PD User at 2009-03-24 05:52:34   [Reply] IP:142.179.230.★
That is a surveillance ship belonging to the US Navy. So the people on board are not much more civilian that those on the small fishing ships of China.
PD User at 2009-03-12 06:14:05   [Reply] IP:128.36.192.★
Do you guys got any balls at all you were terrorized by a ship with civilians on ....what a bunch of whimps lololo
PD User at 2009-03-04 06:12:07   [Reply] IP:75.31.23.★
without stealing, pillaging, raping, looting other"s country natural resources and enslave other nationality; (historical facts throughout the world) france won"t be like france now.
Can france be like China??? without taking other country"s resources by force? without any help from outside to become no.1???? I hardly doubt it!
Are u Proud to be thiefs/looters frenchies? Looks like it!
PD User at 2009-03-03 22:41:06   [Reply] IP:157.100.115.★
France should boycut China junk.
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-04 16:23:37 IP:158.132.12.★
I first boy-cut you, moron. Hey, get a dictionary or go back to grade 9.
PD User at 2009-03-01 21:00:21   [Reply] IP:221.124.62.★
The French talked about human rights all the time. Have they apologized for what they had done in Africa and Asia in the past? China is one of the victimized countries. One of the incidents is the second Opium War 1860. Britain and France sold opium to China and the opium trade was backed up by British and French Navies. When China tried to stop this trade, they attacked. After a spree of rape, killing and looting, they burnt down Yuan Ming Palace. But both countries never apologized to the Chin... (More details.)
PD User at 2009-02-23 02:31:24   [Reply] IP:67.188.26.★
The French talked about "human rights"! May I remind him of French colonialism? Has he forgotten "Indo-China", "French Algeria", French this-and-that all over the world competing with the British, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the Dutch .... ?
PD User at 2009-02-23 02:29:07   [Reply] IP:67.188.26.★
Now, I know who was behing the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay in Paris. They sent the senate president to "apologize" and then meet the separatist Dalai Lama afterwards. Talk about "talking through both sides of the mouth"!
They are insincere, to say the least. Just like former Japanese prime minister K; he apologized for the Nanking Massacre of innocent Chinese civilians and surrendered soldiers and THEN visited the Yakasuni (?) war-crime shrine!
PD User at 2009-02-09 01:07:25   [Reply] IP:69.203.219.★
jews control and corrupt all western government. china and asia got to eliminate all zionist/jews and to save the peaceful rise of asia and the world. jews are the roots of all evil in this world.
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-01 19:42:45 IP:59.116.198.★
If Jews control the governments of Europe, as you claim, why would they need to corrupt them? This is as idiotic as you are.
PD User at 2009-01-04 13:49:17   [Reply] IP:58.16.224.★
BAHA’U’LLAH is the divine physician who diagnoses the world’s malady; for the whole planet is ill and needs the power of a great specialist. Writing to the sovereigns of the world,
He summoned that the hour for unity had struck—unity between countries, unity between religions. In this period of its evolution, the world of humanity is in danger. Every war is against the good pleasure of the Lord of mankind, for man is the edifice of God and war destroys the divine edifice. If an active, a... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-05 06:06:08 IP:75.118.29.★
BAHA’U’LLAH is laughing monkey who throw poop in your soup. He give china people slanty eye that make it hard to see. He give black people brains of monkey. He give white people george bush as bad joke. He give arabs silly quran to make them act like fools. BAHA’U’LLAH say "eat monkey poop and make me laugh" : Abdu"l-Baha, Divine Philosophy, p. 72-75)
PD User at 2008-12-22 06:29:22   [Reply] IP:99.232.148.★
An Oversea Canadian Chinese boy wrote a song "Light A Candle In The dark". It is about "Sichaun Earthquake". After watching the video, it brought tears to my eyes.
Use the following link to play the song.
PD User at 2008-12-19 01:13:54   [Reply] IP:193.186.8.★
Hu jia awarded by EU yesterday.
Another slap in the face of China.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-06 13:29:41 IP:158.132.12.★
That"s right? Don"t accord whatever European silly acts with any degree of importance. Just ignore them. In the last G20 meeting, France (Sarkozy) wanted to seize the opportunity when the US is in a dire financial crisis to undermine the status of the US dollar as a world currency.Sarkozy wanted to be the new world leader and the Euro the world currency. For that Sarkozy solicited Hu Jin-tao"s support but only received a rejection from Hu right away. My point is that it seems that the Europeans ... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-04 20:58:30 IP:70.172.198.★
You"re starting to get flak from the Europeans, too? A little friendly advice from an American: the europeans always complain, so just do what we do, ignore them. In fact, don"t even let the consideration of what europeans think enter your mind in the first place.
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-21 14:05:54 IP:116.49.41.★
So what? What actual impact does it have on China even if there are more Dalai Lama and Hu Jia-like persons getting the awards? Europeans want to screw up a rapidly developing China, but lack more effective measures. So they plays this kind of meaningless tricks on China. This shows how powerless the Europeans are. In fact, the impact on China is trivial. However, the more China yells, the more stupid stuff the Europeans will do. China is not Iraq. If China were Iraq, they have already declared ... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-20 01:49:38 IP:199.60.104.★
why is it a slap on the "face of China"?
PD User at 2008-12-16 19:15:23   [Reply] IP:222.106.128.★
Well, the U.S. and other rich nations would not be in debt if they had ignored the material deprivation that was, historically, the staus quo for the vast majority of the people of Communist China, Taiwan, South Korea,, Nippon, and all of the other Asian countries. Really, even if you racist-minded Chinamen and South Korean twits paid back all of the money your countries merely borrowed from the States (not to even mention the financial gifts), the U.S. would likely be debt-free right now. Think... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-04-07 08:12:56 IP:99.188.226.★
Commenting on the quote from a previous poster:
"quite the contrary, the chinese government is the single largest holder of US treasury bonds i.e. the chinese lend the most money to the US. do you get it you moron!!"
About that, thank you very much. You have allowed me to buy lots of extremely cheap electronics and clothes (I love visiting China, but for some reasons things made in China and shipped across the ocean are cheaper in America than China; makes no sense to me, but your computers are ... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-03-24 07:12:32 IP:142.179.230.★
Many people can"t think logically. They harshly criticize China due to their own ignorance and prejudice.
  PD User  replied at  2009-02-27 19:21:49 IP:210.177.131.★
quite the contrary, the chinese government is the single largest holder of US treasury bonds i.e. the chinese lend the most money to the US. do you get it you moron!!
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-28 13:01:40 IP:58.230.145.★
South Korea has received two so-called Currency Exchanges - each for thirty million dollars -from the U.S. In return, the U.S. continues to receive poor treatment at the hands of South Korea.
PD User at 2008-12-10 15:43:22   [Reply] IP:158.132.12.★
A very small country but with a belittling attitude towards other countries.
PD User at 2008-12-08 23:04:56   [Reply] IP:58.67.197.★
France and China should be friends,partners instead of enemy.We both need to develop and it is not the time to challenge each other,which will do harm to both of us.
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-09 10:15:41 IP:116.49.53.★
Yes, it is very good to hear a French person say that. But who have been provoking conflicts recently - repeatedly and with contempt to the Chinese people. Ask Mr. Sarkozy and your first lady please! Not only no one apologizes but some of your fellow countrymen continue to add feul to the fire with more insulting words and/or behaviors to challenge the Chinese government and the Chinese people. That is how you guys treat friends in your culture?
PD User at 2008-12-08 20:06:49   [Reply] IP:221.124.62.★
Unfortunately, the French are not ashamed of their stupid acts. What they are doing not only offended the Chinese government, but also the whole race of 1.3 billion people.
PD User at 2008-12-05 19:25:30   [Reply] IP:90.55.179.★
I am french and i hope you will boycott our products because if you do so we will have to do it toward chinese products. Just remind that we buy chinese products for 19 billions euros and you buy french products for 9 billions euros. Easy to calculate whose losing the most.Xiexie
  PD User  replied at  2011-10-12 13:34:27 IP:79.125.37.★
Great site, great reporting. Keep on going
  PD User  replied at  2009-02-23 13:25:40 IP:158.132.12.★
Sir, I beg your pardon! Is it not the French who have been stirring up trouble so far? Please tell the French, the people of your adopted homeland, to learn more about and respect the yellow men and their feeling. Thank you.
  PD User  replied at  2009-02-21 09:19:12 IP:203.218.191.★
Yes, it is like that your union can grow strong and your local production cost would rise and your other French people would have to buy expensive commodities. Unfortunately, the current global financial crisis has emptied pockets of the many people of the West, as such, no one can afford to buy. The French economy will fall into stagflation, repeating the same problem that the US experience during the Great Depression. Rising of commodity price concomitant with a stagnating economic cycle. I... (More details.)
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-09 15:10:04 IP:221.124.62.★
Very fair comments about the French.
  PD User  replied at  2009-01-04 21:11:13 IP:70.172.198.★
"the way, you guys have an attitude problem and seem to be quite arrogant and shameless."
This is a moment you can"t put a price on. You"re just figuring out about the French what every Englishman and American has long known: the French are jerks.
  PD User  replied at  2008-12-07 18:09:49 IP:116.49.53.★
Why not just do that from this minute on, you idiots? We don"t want to elaborate to you why I think it is good that both the French and the Chinese are just doing that to each other since you can"t think straight and see things in the right perspective. If you do think objectively you know how weak your position is and why it is more detrimental to the French then the Chinese. By the way, you guys have an attitude problem and seem to be quite arrogant and shameless. Generally speaking, when a pe... (More details.)
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